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Solar System Repair

Solar panels on farms are one of the most prominent renewable energy sources for agricultural usage. Solar panels may be put to generate electricity in farms, barns, and agricultural fields.

Be aware! Save your environment and finances!

Off-Grid Battery Backup

Off-grid solar systems can store a huge amount of energy and hence it needs care while installation as a small mistake can cause fire or any serious damage.

Solar Patio Covers

Installing a solar panel on your carport will increase its value while also lowering your
power costs. Our Solar Patio Covers and Solar Carports, which are built by a team of
professional solar contractors and technicians, are our most well-known products.

Vehicle Charging Stations

Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are available to keep electric vehicles functioning.

Solar Farm Services

Truly Solar Inc. specialize in installation of Solar panels in farms, barns, and agricultural
lands, to generate power.

Ground Mount Solar Installation

Truly Solar Inc. offers professional ground mount solar installation in at affordable rates to save you from spending hefty amounts on electric bills.

Roof Top Solar Panels

Rooftop solar panels are a great way to generate power for your house using solar energy and our team of proficient experienced solar contractors is professionals at installing solar panels to the roofs.

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Power of Electricity

Who We Are

The ability to harness the power of electricity has revolutionized the way people function. Since our planet is evolving, so does the approaches we implement in order to satisfy our energy demands. More power outages, cost spikes, and possibly hazardous circumstances have resulted from delivering electricity across extensive power lines from large power plants.

Technological advancements have progressed to the point that a homeowner may choose where they receive the electricity they need to power their lives, as well as how much it will cost them. With a solar panel and a storage battery system installed, a house or business owner may capture and store the sun’s plentiful energy, which can then be utilized as and when needed. With our experienced and proficient professionals, this premium installation would upgrade your standard of living while remaining eco-friendly.


As the premier home solar installer, it’s part of our mission to assist you in choosing the optimum method to power your life, enhance your community, and preserve the environment.

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